Once upon a time there was a proper man, to respect his integrity let’s call him Bill. After a hard day’s work chopping wood (or was it a stressful day at the office?), Bill thought he had earned a juicy steak for dinner. He needed a proper barbeque and the finest organic meat. Luckily, there was a local producer of Highland beef nearby.

As Bill was a real man, he could have slaughtered the cow himself and grilled it over an open fire, but after a day of Excel spreadsheets and Teams meetings he decided to turn on the gas and fillet his purchased piece of meat into juicy steaks.

He had the meat and the barbeque was hot, but his knife wouldn’t cut through the meat and felt awkward to handle. For a while Bill tried to work his useless knife. He was frustrated. Then he did what digitalised real males do best, and googled knives that would make cooking a pleasure. He fantasised about a knife forged with traditional methods, but couldn’t find anything that lived up to his expectations.

“Do I have to do everything myself?” Bill muttered and took matters into his own hands. He started developing a new website where all home chefs could find inspiration and finest quality products.

“That’s more like it”, thought Bill to himself, but where would he find a skilled manufacturer? After careful experiments and tough negotiations, Bill finally found what he was looking for – well-balanced, durable, and stylish knives with a good grip, forged by a real blacksmith.

Bill was happy and proud to present his first-class selection of knives for Nordic home chefs on his website Arctic Caveman.